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Staff Information: About the Caller & Musicians (2017)

The Star Hampshire Traditional Music & Dance Weekend may be relatively small, but it's a friendly weekend with a first class staff and a good mixture of traditional and more modern music and dances. We generally have one caller for the weekend, and two bands. Thanks to David Millstone for editing the bios for this year's staff, presented below.

Lisa Greenleaf: caller

Lisa Greenleaf has been treating dancers across the country to her high spirited, witty calling and is known for precise walk-throughs of zesty and flowing dances. Her wide knowledge of traditional and modern dances (both contras and squares) and her community-building attitude put her in high demand at camps around the country.


Glen Loper (mandolin), Alden Robinson (fiddle) and Owen Marshall (guitar)

Riptide plays traditional music for contra dances. They are one of the most energetic contra dance bands on the scene today. They love the tunes they play, and their repertoire contains literally hundreds of tunes from New England, Quebec, Ireland, Appalachia, and a few other places. The band is based in Maine but travels throughout the U.S. and beyond.

Becky Tracy (fiddle) and Keith Murphy (guitar, mandolin, piano and foot percussion)

Becky and Keith are dynamic performers of traditional music from Newfoundland, Quebec, Ireland, France and beyond. Becky's fiddling pulses through tasteful arrangements of dance tunes; Keith is known for the drive and power of his guitar playing and foot percussion. Their playing is seamless, the result of years of playing together and touring across the U.S., Canada and Europe. Keith is also a prolific tunesmith with a writing style strongly based on traditional dance music. Keith and Becky were two thirds of the popular Vermont trio, Nightingale and are veterans of several other bands including Childsplay,  Assembly (Keith) and Wild Asparagus (Becky). They can be heard on recordings of all these bands and many others.