Staff Information: About the Caller & Musicians (2018)

The Star Hampshire Traditional Music & Dance Weekend may be relatively small, but it's a friendly weekend with a first class staff and a good mixture of traditional and more modern music and dances. We generally have one caller for the weekend, and two bands. Thanks to David Millstone for editing the bios for this year's staff, presented below.

David Millstone: caller

David Millstone has been calling dances for forty years; his repertoire includes contras and squares, dances in odd formations, English country dance, and family dances. He has been featured at dance weekends and camps throughout the United States and Canada and in Europe. He is a videographer and a dance historian; for the past six years, he has been President of Country Dance and Song Society, and he coordinates the Square Dance History Project. He first came to the Isles of Shoals as a staff member for this event in 1993, and he is delighted to be sharing the caller's mic at this, the 25th year for Star Hampshire.


Photo by Nikki Herbst

Chrissy Fowler: caller

Chrissy Fowler is committed to building community, and sees traditional dancing as a vital means to connect people.  Her passion for contra dancing sprouted in the NH Seacoast in the early 1990s.  Early on, Chrissy got involved in organizing; she has co-produced monthly dances, dance weekends, and a regional conference for dance organizers.  Chrissy hails from Belfast, Maine, where she is on the board of Belfast Flying Shoes and is blessed to be part of nurturing a culture of participatory social dance in her own backyard.  Since leading her first dance in 1999, Chrissy has called at public dances, festivals, schools, camps, and special events throughout the Northeast.  She and her son have attended Star Hampshire since 2009 and she's thrilled to be on staff this year.


Peregrine Road

Rachel Bell (accordion)
Karen Axelrod (piano and accordion)

Peregrine Road features two seasoned and versatile musicians who are quickly becoming known together as a power duo capable of an incredible range of styles.

Karen Axelrod (piano and accordion) and Rachel Bell (accordion) perform energetic Celtic reels, heartbreakingly beautiful waltzes, mesmerizing French village dance tunes, lively originals, elegant English country dance tunes, tasty blues riffs, and more. Outrageous travel stories and interesting tidbits about multicultural traditions add both an educational and entertaining dimension to their concerts. Karen and Rachel share a passion for crafting tunes and arrangements that are eminently danceable, with just the right mix of exquisite beauty and raw energy. Hear some of their tunes on SoundCloud.


Laurie Indenbaum (fiddle)
Andy Davis (accordion, piano)

Andy Davis plays accordion and piano for New England contra dancing. He is both a musician and dance caller, specializing in community events for dancers of all abilities. For over thirty years he has taught music and dance in Vermont schools, at summer camps, and at weddings, parties and community gatherings. He is a founding member of “New England Dancing Masters,” publishers of dance books and recordings for the teaching of New England traditional dance.  He is also a part of the group “Nowell Sing We Clear,” a Vermont based group that performs and records mid-winter carols and customs. Andy’s repertoire includes jigs, reels, polkas, marches and waltzes that would be part of an evening of community dance.  He has composed a variety of dance tunes and songs.

Andy Davis accordion and piano discography:

Fantastic Hornpipe
, with Laurie Andres and Sandy Bradley. 1991
Chimes of Dunkirk, New England Dancing Masters. 1991
Listen to the Mockingbird, New England Dancing Masters. 1997
Any Jig or Reel, with Keith Murphy and Becky Tracy. 2005
Sashay the Donut, New England Dancing Masters. 2007
Nowell Sing We Clear.  Numerous albums!

Laurie Indenbaum has been fiddling for dances in New England since 1976, with Applejack, New England Swing, and The Tune Police. She plays frequently with Andy Davis and Larry Siegel as a member of The Fogues and occasionally with Andy and Arthur Davis as a member of Hidden Drive. She can be found almost every Wednesday evening at The Red Fox in Bondville, Vermont, playing tunes with Jill Newton, with whom she has played double fiddles for over 40 years. Her fiddling is a hybrid dance style, made up of Quebecois, New England, with a little Old-Time. An interest in Scandinavian fiddling drew Laurie to the Hardanger fiddle, and she occasionally plays tunes of Swedish and Danish origin as well. In her spare time, Laurie is the business manager for violin maker Douglas Cox and plays on his Cathedrale Stradivarius model, Opus 717, made in 2012. She edited a collection of Bob McQuillen’s waltzes in 2012.


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