The Information Page

This page contains a listing of this year's staff, important links and downloadable documents. Note that this is 2016 information; 2017 information isn't available yet.

Weekend Details

September 15–17, 2017


  • Lisa Greenleaf (contras & squares)
  • Becky Tracy (fiddle) and Keith Murphy (guitar, mandolin, piano and foot percussion)
  • Riptide: Glen Loper (mandolin). Alden Robinson (fiddle) and Owen Marshall (guitar)
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Star Island Information

Our dance weekend on Star Island  is special largely because of the setting:  a tiny, remote, stunningly gorgeous island in the Gulf of Maine.  Sharing this unique place with fellow conferees is a singular pleasure, and the Star Island Corporation (SIC) hosts hundreds of visitors from June through September.

The SIC website has nearly everything you need to know about being on Star.  Let the registrar know if there's something you can't find after you browse these pages.





  • Departs from Portsmouth at 1:55 PM on Friday 9/15/17.
    • Bring checked luggage to the dock before 12:15
  • Departs from Star Island at 2:25 PM on Sunday 9/17/17.
  • Click on the Ferry link above for more information

Star Hampshire Documents

You will likely find the following documents to be useful. This year's documents [2016] are now available to download.

Ron Grosslein playing for the Porch Dance.


Photo by Peter Yarensky, Sept. 17, 2006.